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In compliance with Canada’s anti-spam laws, we would like to ensure we have your consent to receive information on demo instructions, promotional information,  software updates, maintenance contract renewals, newsletters, account information and other communications regarding your software (collectively, the “Communciations”) that we send to you from time to time for the purpose of:   (i) sharing information with you about our software program and services; or (ii) establishing, developing and/or managing our relationship with you These communications are primarily in email format, but may come in the form of electronic update notices, such as messages indicating your program version is out of date, etc. or direct mail communications. If you wish to receive, or to continue to receive, Communications from us, please check the box provided below next to the wording “I subscribe to receiving CUC Software Communications”. If we do not receive your consent we may be unable to send, or continue to send, Communcations to you.  You have the option to opt out of Communications at any time.  If you have any questions about this please contact us at 800-272-9908 or email