CPM Phone Log

The CPM Phone Log is part of our CPM (Critical Performance Measures) module. This module allows you to track critical performance measures in your company and measure them against industry and company benchmarks (targets) that are customizable to your needs. Key areas encompass Service, Install, Sales, Marketing and Financial data.

The Phone Log ties into these performance measures by allowing you to track not only when a phone call generates a job or service call, but also whenever the phone rings with the potential to do business. It allows you to link these potential business opportunities with leads/quotes, install jobs, service calls and maintenance contracts. It tracks not only those calls that turn into these types of business, but also those that do not result in a revenue generating experience. Log reports track the identity of the user entering logs, allowing you to recognize CSRs who are very successful at converting phone calls to business. Additionally, these log reports help you to identify CSRs who may need additional training or other assistance to increase the number of calls that are moved through your business cycle

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