Customer File Maintenance Screen

The Customer File Maintenance screen provides a the basis for CUC’s powerful CRM features, allowing you to better serve the needs of your customers. Some key features of the customer profile include:

  • Alpha lookups and customer search lists to easily find the correct customer by number, name, street address or phone number
  • At-A-Glance financial status with easy access to detailed customer reporting
  • Dated notes for logging customer information by date and category. Great for collection calls as well as pertinent information about a customer’s needs, likes and dislikes.
  • “No Business” flag that prevents jobs from being set up for a problem customer
  • Alerts that automatically display when invoicing or setting up a job for the customer
  • Default invoicing information such as discounts and whether the customer prefers printed or emailed invoices
  • Integration with our Marketing Manager for referral source tracking, mailing lists and mail merge options
  • Customer specific pricing levels with added Point of Sale Module
  • The ability for one customer (billing party) to be linked to one or more sites (physical address where work is performed) and for sites to be transferred (with full equipment and job history) to a new customer

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